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Benefits to Consultants of joining The Synergy Group

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Benefits to Consultants

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Over time, The Synergy Group plans to develop and expand its services into all 32 Counties in Ireland. We can use the services of every Business, Management and Accounts Professional out there that our clients have a need for.

That means that professionals who have offices in various parts of the Country, who are able to operate to our high standards and feel that there is room for an expanded service to their own and want to offer a fuller service to their clients will have the opportunity of joining The Synergy Group. Some of these professionals include


like accountants, auditors, bookkeeping, taxation, etc.


like PR, promotions, etc.


like architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, etc. 

Consultants of every type

e.g. management, IT, training, HR, change management, strategy, etc.


like brokers, financial planning, mortgages, etc.


like solicitors, company formation agents, company secretarial, etc.

Manufacturing people

like all types of engineers, ISO 9000, environmental, packaging, etc.

Marketing people in all their guises,

e.g. Research, Direct Marketing, Branding, etc.

Mentors, Coaches & advisors

e.g. business, sport, community & voluntary, etc


like business, strategy, financial, personal, etc.


e.g. management, staff, community, etc.


In fact, any person, business or partnership operating in any part of the Country who feels that they would like to offer a fuller service to their clients can link into The Synergy Group providing you can meet our standards.

What it means is that everybody, who is part of The Synergy Group, will have everybody else selling their services & products. They will have the services of everybody else available to them, so they can be assured of being able to provide the best service and to almost any part of the Country.

They can advertise and promote the fact they can now provide The Synergy Group services and tap into a bigger customer base. They can be seen to be part of The Synergy Group and as such are perceived to be a bigger entity.

There are strict codes of ethics to which everybody has to adhere. There are also strict quality standards to which everybody has to adhere. To find out more click here & send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your enquiry.

Some benefits to consultants include:

  • Being part of a larger group gives a better perception to your clients.
  • You can ask the other consultants questions that can benefit your clients
  • Opportunity to develop new products
  • Higher chances of success
  • Monthly CPD training and on-going support
  • Selling power of a known brand – name recognition
  • Use of the working business model
  • National and regional promotions
  • Lead generation through the network of consultants and clients
  • Use of The Synergy Group resources
  • Participating in our internet based activities, including this website
  • Moral support from your peers
  • Monthly and annual meetings
  • Benefits of increased purchasing power
  • You can continue to operate and run your own business in your own way. Separate your own business from The Synergy Group business.


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