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Development Plans of The Synergy Group

Development Plans of

The Synergy Group

Development Plans of The Synergy GroupFor 2013, The Synergy Group is restructuring by developing a new set of systems and procedures, not only for internal use, but also for quality and procedural purposes in dealing with clients.  The Company has a new team of consultants, accountants and trainers, all operating to our new high quality standards.  The Company has reformed its legal status also by forming a new Limited Company, Synergy Business Evolution Ltd., t/a The Synergy Group.

All consultants have undergone a stringent induction process in which they have agreed to all processes and the Synergy principles.

There will be new products developed throughout 2013 and beyond and they will be designed in order to capitalise on the skills and resources in the group as well as identifying gaps and needs in the marketplace.

We plan to use the contacts and networks of all consultants so that we identify opportunities.

In addition, we will produce a training calendar with courses aimed at many different areas, e.g. SYOB, marketing, sales, manufacture, HR, leadership, etc.  We have some very highly experienced trainers with specialisms in many sectors.

Past and present clients can look forward to exciting changes that will accurately suit their needs.  New clients will experience a consultancy group with a breath of fresh air to add value to their businesses.  Enterprise Boards, Partnerships, Enterprise Ireland and other entrepreneurship and training bodies will experience a superior level of professionalism that they can offer their clients.

All in all, we are very excited about this development and we ask you to grow with us.

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