The Synergy Group


One Company  |  One Philosophy  |  One Aim


Vision of The Synergy GroupBob Tallent’s Vision for the Group is that:


The Synergy Group
will become the Foremost Organisation in Ireland
supplying a complete range of services to
the Micro, Small & Medium sized business



This covers every business - which includes community and voluntary organisations - from 1 employee (the owner/manager) to approx. 250 employees. 

In addition to working privately and individually with businesses, he sees it working with many State, Semi-State, Private, Community based and Voluntary Organisations in order to provide its services. 

He sees the quality of service supplied as being suitable for each purpose, but not to drop below specific standards laid down in our procedural manuals.  In other words, there will be standards to which all advisors, specialists, consultants & trainers will not drop below.

Over time, he sees there will be offices or branches throughout Ireland.  Established and creditable providers of professional services in various towns & cities will have the opportunity of becoming part of the Group and being able to offer a fuller range of services of the Group & its Network.

Clients who are and will be part of the Group, will be part of the ‘Business Foundation'.  That means that clients will be encouraged to network with other clients when they have a need for their products and services.  So each client will have the opportunity to do more business.  It’s like a Business Family.

Improved Results