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What is The Synergy Group

Who is The Synergy GroupThe Synergy Group is a Firm supplying Business Consultancy, Accounting, Auditing, Training & Mentoring to Small & Medium Sized Businesses in Ireland.  Our Clients, in general, range from 1 to 250 employees.  This includes voluntary and community organisations.

 The Company has a number of divisions, i.e.

  • Consultancy,
  • Finance,
  • Training,
  • Information Technology,
  • Business Services and
  • Secretarial Services. 

Each of these divisions is further sub divided down offering a full range of products & services to our clients.

Typically, we have found that entrepreneurs (new people starting a business & established businesses) are passionate about their businesses and are generally very skilled at their jobs.  They are also highly motivated.  This is an essential starting point.  But it is not enough.  In general, they are not skilled at the business, management or accounting areas of the business.

So, in order to address this, we have developed The Synergy Group to assist the entrepreneur reach their business goals.  They supply the idea, the skills and the hard work.  We supply the business, management & accounting expertise. 

We have also found that SMEs need ongoing help, sometimes weekly but at least monthly, in order to stay focused & on track.  We meet with the entrepreneurs as often as necessary in order to assess & re-assess the business, measure it to the budgets & plans developed at the beginning of the year and ensure the business achieves its objectives.  Most small businesses don’t have objectives, so we will even help them set them.  We also work with entrepreneurs & managers as Executive Mentors & Coaches.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs get bogged down in the day to day running of their businesses & do not plan for the future.  That means that they do not take advantage of the opportunities available to them or are not aware of the threats until it is too late. 
The Synergy Group works with the entrepreneur in order to plan for the future.

Entrepreneurs sometimes find that if there is a down turn in the market, their business drops like a stone.  That happens when, in the good times, they have become complacent & simply 'go with the flow'.  They do not control the business coming in to them.  We show entrepreneurs how to take control of their own businesses & be in charge.

It often happens that an entrepreneur wants to increase or further develop their business, but don't know how to do it, or don't have the business or management expertise.  We work with them to show them how to do it.

Now you have the perfect business marriageYou have the main ingredients for success.  You have every opportunity to develop an advantage over your competitors, to stay ahead of the posse and to keep within the law and ensure your returns are up to date.

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