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Thursday, 26 March 2015 22:00

The World Of Brand Awareness has Changed – Maybe.

There was a time when you started a business and the first thing you did after putting up the shingle was to start building brand awareness. The first order of the day was to find a location. If it was a business that met with consumers you chose a location that was convenient for them to visit you. If you had a services business you like chose a location that was prestigious and would immediately impress those who crossed your threshold.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 21:23

Change is a Grand Thing

Change is good for the soulChange is good for the soulFrom time to time owners update their brand visuals, hoping that it attracts a new stream of customers. They do this not because of some grand strategy, but an assumption that the brand image needs some polishing.

While the visual image ‘might’ be in need of a good sprucing up, the actual truth in the matter is, it’s the company’s internal culture that could also use a good polishing.

Time wears us all down. Even the process of determining what needs changing is in itself a good therapy. Cleansing is good for the soul. Brand cleansing is smart because it can actually put money on the table and save you money at the same time.

Monday, 05 January 2015 21:10

Why Are You Afraid Of Me?

Cat hidingCat hidingI’m seeing more and more of this - especially on tech sites. On the contact us page all they offer you is a form so that they can qualify you. What I don’t see is anything about where they are located, what they’re phone number is etc. For me, I want to know where you’re from. No particular reason - I just like to know. Sometimes you’re near other companies I know.

Monday, 17 November 2014 19:46

Do you want to give Feedback

FeedbackFeedbackImagine a point in time when you are so interpersonally skilful that feedback you give to anyone would be completely accepted. Further, the person would follow up on what you suggested and be committed to implementing the suggested behavioural changes. Fantasy? Perhaps. But it’s possible to develop the skill of giving feedback to such a high level that this becomes a working reality.

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