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When you’re seriously involved in branding small businesses, one clear thing you recognize is that small to medium size enterprises are hungry for a new approach. They’ve heard of branding through their trade publications and on the street. Most have a mistaken understanding that a brand is simply their logo and marketing materials. Some understand it to be differentiating themselves. But all they can offer up is low hanging fruit such as their people or their service. They fail to see that these are not differentiators because their competitors also have great people and services or they wouldn’t be a threat to them.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 20:25

On the Job: That’s Where It All Happens


dog-from-behinddog-from-behindA couple of weeks ago Nicole, my youngest, completed work experience as part of Transition Year. We’ve always had dogs in the house and she loves animals.  Over the years, we’ve paid Denis the local Vet enough money to buy an island (I’m surprised that he’s not already living somewhere more exotic). So he agreed to let Nicole work in the surgery to get hands-on experience. Eating dinner, rather stupidly, I made the mistake of asking: “How’d you get on today?” She proceeded to ‘walk us through’ a Rottweiler vasectomy along with instructions on how to ‘put down’ a pet Guinea Pig. I could barely finish the Chicken Jalfrezi without gagging (having been reliably told by a Brazilian friend that Guinea Pigs “Taste just like Chicken”).

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Monday, 09 September 2013 15:01


One of the ways I explain stress on my training courses is to ask the participants after the tea break to tell me how heavy their cup of tea was.

People think about it for a few seconds and generally give varying answers from 20 grams to 300 grams.  So I’ll carry out an experiment.  I’ll get a few glasses of water and ask a few people to hold them.  No problem.  Then I ask them to hold them at arms length.  I continue talking for a few minutes, with them continuing to hold them at arms length.  Then I ask them are they any heavier.  Some say yes and others say no.  Then I ask, if they were to hold them like that for an hour or longer, would they be heavier.  The answer is a definite yes.

Published in Personal Development
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