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Adrian RushAdrian RushCONTACT DETAILS

Mobile Number: +353 (0)87 677 3631

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web Site:



Managing Customer and Client Relations - OU

Communication of Technical Information - City and Guilds

BTEC Level 3 in Electronics

Member of Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators

Chairman of ISTC Irish Area Group



I have over thirty years’ experience in the documentation/publications industry.  I am qualified as a Technical Author/Writer, Editor.  In August 2001 I set up my own business (AMR Enterprises) a Documentation Consultancy with its Core Services being tender Preparation and Management, Technical Editing and Technical Writing.  I use “BS4884 A Guide to Preparation of Technical Documents” for producing any document that I work on be it a proposal or a technical or non-technical manual and work to ISO 9000 standards.

Recent projects I have worked are: Writing a book on tendering and I am now getting finalised and reviewed ready to get it printed and published.  I have worked very closely over the last year with the Managing Director of The Synergy Group and we have re-aligned the business and I have produced a series of handbooks to assist in the running of the company.  I have also written a number of articles for a web site he owns and I am writing a couple of Best Practices for someone as well as being a coach and editor for them.  I have recently been appointed as a Director to Morrighan Teoranta a manufacturing company designing and manufacturing electric vehicles.

The most recent Consultancy work has been for three very different companies one was the preparing a Tender for Grafton Media a company that works in all areas of media such as web sites and such like; Aertec which is a company that supplies and monitors television equipment to betting shops and hotels and thirdly I worked with Acuman Facilities Management Ltd on a very large bid for an international bank.  Other recent consultancy was for a company that carries out Leadership Coaching and Business Transformation and for them I have been completing Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and this is an on-going consultancy.

A recent consultancy work was for a company in the Oil and Gas Industry and with them I am being supplied information selected by their engineers and I had to Format, Edit and put together Contents Lists and other background lists as well as ensuring all figures, drawings and tables are correctly titled in the correct place and referenced properly in text.  I have also recently worked on the preparation of a tender for Inforama Ltd a software development company.  Recent Consultancy work has been to Gilligan Black Recruitment preparing Tender Responses and in October 2008 external Consultant to UTS Parking and Transportation for the preparation of all their proposals.  Some other recent work I have done includes re-designing the brochures for a company that designs, manufactures and installs kitchen and bedroom furniture and other bespoke furniture.  I have also been working on my own tender responses for possible projects from the E-Tenders web site and when I was asked to submit a response to the EPA for work having been selected to be on a shortlist for such work.  Since a meeting in January I have been working with Bowen Construction, the Belfast Office, looking at and understanding the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts which are used in the UK.

Recent short contracts have been with Fluor working as part of the Bid Preparation Team for the Dublin Metro.  At the end of February I completed a contract with Meteor Mobile Communications where I prepared Process and Instruction documents from templates using raw data from engineers and a contract with Babel Networks Ltd an Internet Television company where I designed templates and wrote up Procedures, Processes and other Technical Documents.  Pfizer European Financial Shared Services as a Technical Writer on one of their projects.  Hewlett Packard as a Technical Writer for one of the IT Service Desk where I managed, wrote and edited work instructions and processes.

I have also carried out contracts as a Document Controller and Project Administrator for Pfizer's extension to the Pottery Road site in Dun Laoghaire.  I was Senior Document Controller on LUAS Project, where I was responsible for a team of Document Controllers.  I worked for Project Management Group as a Document Controller on a major Pharmaceutical Plant extension and then as Proposals Manager in the Sales and Marketing Department where my role was to collate all the information and to ensure that the proposal went out on time and production of information that was used to form a Proposal Database for the company.  In the other companies I have managed all sorts of documentation.

I have set up filing systems and Quality Assurance Systems to ISO9000 (BS5750).  I have extensive experience of Document Archiving and designing an electronic file registration system.  I have administered, co-ordinated, written and edited a wide range manuals covering a variety of products, additionally I have designed and produced a variety of different types of Sales and Advertising Material.



August 2001 to Present

AMR Enterprises

Currently – Working with the Managing Director of The Synergy Group to re-align it and to pull together a number of Consultants along with three Directors, one of which will be me as a Non Executive Director, to work with him to promote this.  I have produced a series of handbooks to assist in the running of the company.  I have prepared the draft application for registering The Synergy Group as a registered training company with the government.

Recent Consultancy work – I am preparing a Training Course to be held initially in Dublin on Tender (Proposal) Searching, Preparing and Management to be held later in the year and working with existing and networking to find new clients.  In addition I am working with a group of companies who want to promote Ireland Inc and bring Ireland back to being a country companies want to locate to.  I have recently prepared a couple of tenders for myself with other small business to go after work from a European Community Organisation based in Ireland and for some work for one of the County Councils in Ireland.

Consultancy work with a number of small and medium and start up companies designing business stationary templates and implementing them also editing and re-writing documents for small businesses and assisting with document preparation.

Acuman Facilities Management Ltd

Spoke to the Managing Director by phone and arranged to go and work for him on a very large proposal.  I worked in the clients offices for a couple of weeks and also worked on the proposal at home in the evenings.  I was asked to go in and manage the team and recommend new ideas.  I edited and re-wrote some of the information and managed the overall process.  The project lasted for two weeks working in the client’s offices.


Meeting and talking with the client to prior to starting to explain exactly what I did and how I would approach the work.  Receiving the information by e-mail and working on getting the bulk of the information edited and formatted at home before spending a day in his offices finalising and getting it ready for the business owner to insert a couple of items before sending off to his client.

Grafton Media

I worked with this client on the preparation of a Proposal Response for this client working in their offices for a day to complete it on time and working with them to produce a good quality and professional response.

Davis Events

I prepared with the Davis Events team a large Tender Response for a major event in 2012. This entailed collecting information from them and advising them on the format for the response. Once the bulk of the content had been sorted out I edited and formatted and re-wrote parts and submitted it for review.  I then collated the images and inserted in consultation with the Davis Events team.

KFV Consulting Ltd

The work I have been doing for this company is to prepare Pre Qualification Questionnaires and any follow up full tenders.  This is an on going consultancy for this company.  My role is to look at the Tender Request and to liaise with the Managing Director to compile the correct information and to ensure that the correct team members are selected and also to make sure that any sample projects supplied are relevant.  I additionally ensure that the Tender Response is well formatted and presented.

Oil Field Solutions Limited

I recently worked with this client on the preparation of Manuals for the Oil and Gas Industry.  My role is to take information supplied and to Format, Edit and Standardise the language and grammar.  Additionally I prepare Contents List and other Lists and ensure that Figures, Drawings and Tables are in the correct place and are referenced correctly in text.

Terminal Four

This was a short two week contract in May 2010 to assist in the completion of writing and editing the documentation for the next release of their Content Management System Software.  I was shown how to use their system and worked directly on it updating and adding in diagrams and preparing them for review and publishing.


In March 2010 I was asked by the Managing Director to assist his company prepare a Tender Response for a government tender request.  I spent two days working in his offices working on it and liaised closely with him on the content and information required.

Gilligan Black Recruitment Ltd

Consultant to Gilligan Black Recruitment Ltd preparing responses to Tender Requests.  Started by redesigning template and discussing new format with Managing Director.  Discussing tender response requirements and preparing response and discussing comments and preparing final versions for issue to end client.

UTS Parking and Transportation

The CEO of UTS Parking and Transportation contacted me to ask me to become a Consultant to them and take on the Preparation and Management of all their proposals.  I have just completed the first proposal and am in the process of preparing a Pre-qualification Questionnaire for them.  The work involves liaising with the CEO and other staff members and preparing the proposal, to the correct format and preparing Front Covers, Spine, Title Page and ensuring that all the required information is correct and in the right place in the document.  Additionally I have to ensure that any supporting information is correct and relates to the products being supplied.  I first designed a template to ensure that there is a consistent and professional appearance to their proposals.


I recently completed a short contract with Fluor working as part of the Bid Preparation Team for one of the Dublin Metro Consortia.

Meteor Communications

Writing and editing Forms, Process Documents and Instruction Documents for the IT Infrastructure Group.  Writing very technical documents for Server, Network Windows and Database teams for a complex project and specific area of business.  Liaising with the technical engineers who had the knowledge and putting their raw data and notes into good simple English using defined templates.  Liaising with the IT Quality Team during the review of these documents and ensuring any amendments were actioned in a timely way.  Preparing various levels of flowchart and other drawings using Microsoft Visio.  Preparing a high level document to enable employees to prepare documents in the future.  Preparing highly Technical Instruction Documents from information from outside companies and in house staff for a special project and liaising with the Project Manager.

Babel Networks Ltd

I designed and produced Templates for documents which included Documents, Procedures and Processes.  I have liaised with System Administrators and other technical staff to gather information to produce documents for an Internet Television Company; I have also discussed with HR Manager on the preparation of a Staff Handbook and have assisted with material for this.

Pfizer European Financial Shared Services Grand Canal Plaza

Editing and Formatting various types of Technical Documents for the project.  Liaising with QA Department and Document Management Software Administrators to facilitate carrying out the work required.

Hewlett Packard, Clonskeagh

Managing, writing and editing of work instructions and processes for a Computer Service Desk.  Liaising with Coaches and Agents and contacting Canada to assist in preparation of these documents.

Jacobs Engineering and the Pfizer Project Team

Receiving, logging and issuing of Drawings and Specifications etc to the client for Review, Approval and Signature and returning them to Design and Construction Management Contractor.  Setting up of Project Filing System.  Setting up of Control Systems for RFI's, Technical Queries, Sub Contractor Documentation, Vendor Documentation and filing for drawings and specifications to Detailed Design issue and also for Construction issue.  Setting up of system for recording and controlling documentation for specialist companies.  Preparing and issuing of reports to Design Manager and Project Engineer when requested.

Setting up records for Safe Pass, Site Inductions, Holidays, Contact Details and co-ordinating internal office moves.  Liaising with the site based client staff on issues relating to Computer Systems, Stationary.  Liaising with the photographer for photographs and specialist print company for laminating of photographs.  Liaising with outside companies for setting up of Safe Pass Courses.  Production of an Induction Manual for New Starters and keeping this up to date.  Preparation and production of a report on team building session for issue to all participants.

Editing and co-ordinating validation of Handbook for Health Service Executive.  November and December 2004

In August 2003 I have also been Manager of the Tangible Business Centre, setting up the business centre and organising it.

I have recently finished working as Senior Document Controller on LUAS Project but working with other clients at same time to further the business.

Since 1999 I have been carrying out all the Archiving for Orpen Franks Solicitors.  This has been done between projects I have worked on or when I can fit it in around any other work I am involved in.

Running the company in a professional way and making it profitable.  Working with existing and new clients so that the company is the first contact for all types of documents and documentation that they require.  Marketing the company and discussing with potential clients how I can be of service to them.  Servicing clients at all times and ensuring that they believe that they are my most important client.  Producing proposals for myself and where necessary using specialist firms in a team to ensure a greater chance of winning jobs.



March 1999 – July 2001 - Project Management Ltd - Proposals Manager

March 1998 – March 1999 - Project Management Ltd - Document Controller

April 1997 - December 1997 - Polygraphic Limited – (UK) - Technical Author/Writer/Project Manager

August 1996 - March 1997 - ITS Cranleigh– (UK) - Technical Author/Writer

September 1995 - August 1996 - Baysis Technology– (UK) - Technical Editor/Writer

September 1993 - January 1994 - Rood Technology U.K. Ltd. - Technical Editor/Writer/Quality Assurance Engineer

January 1988 - December 1992 - Howard Engineers Ltd. – (UK) - Technical Editor/Writer/Quality Assurance Engineer

May 1985 - December 1987 - British Aerospace Ltd- (UK) - Technical Editor

May 1984 - May 1985 - Marconi Command and Control Systems- (UK) - Technical Editor/Writer

January 1977 - May 1984 - The Plessey Company- (UK) - Technical Editor/Clerk


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Adrian Rush

Adrian is a tendering expert who also carries out technical writing.  He does research and does tenders for companies, works as part of an in-house team, prepares stock paragraphs for future tenders, assesses the bid-no-bid scenario, negotiates with prospective partners for the tender, etc.  Adrian has also written a book on tendering and constantly writes articles.  In addition, he runs training courses.

You can ring him privately on

+353(0)87 677 3631

or email to

or the office number is +353(0)1 821 5189

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