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Friday, 17 January 2014 16:46

Small Business and Branding Training in San Diego

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Branding Workshop for Graphic Designers

how to drive profitshow to drive profits

When you’re seriously involved in branding small businesses, one clear thing you recognize is that small to medium size enterprises are hungry for a new approach. They’ve heard of branding through their trade publications and on the street. Most have a mistaken understanding that a brand is simply their logo and marketing materials. Some understand it to be differentiating themselves. But all they can offer up is low hanging fruit such as their people or their service. They fail to see that these are not differentiators because their competitors also have great people and services or they wouldn’t be a threat to them.

Marcia Hoeck and I are hosting a select group of graphics designers this coming January 26th and 27th in San Diego to show them how they can build brands for their clients that allows their clients to position and market themselves like the Fortune 500′s. Branding doesn’t have to be the domain of the companies who have deep pockets and leagues of advisors anymore.

When done properly these designers are going to quickly realize that building brands for their clients is going to reinvigorate them, and initiate an enviable new revenue stream for them. Their clients are going to embrace a radical new way of looking at themselves and deliver on their promises to their customers that actually resonate with them. Branding done properly can open doors, stimulate staff and provide a valuable new understanding of just where their brand sits today and how to strategically advance into the future.

If you’re a graphic designer or an owner of a graphic design firm and you’d like to learn all the in’s and out’s of building brands for your clients, I would encourage you check our 2-day workshop at BRANDS

Since the sessions are now only weeks away, you might want to act quickly. There are only seats for 20 designers and Marcia tells me we’ve filled three quarters of them. It will change the way you do business, your clients do business and making it possible for you to charge handsomely for it.

We hope to see you there in 10 days and counting!


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Ed Roach

For more than 25 years, Ed Roach has worked with hundreds of successful small businesses by helping them develop unique brand positioning strategies that differentiates them from their competition. Ed appreciates working with companies who see the value of going beyond mere slogans and have a desire to sell from compelling positions. Ed consults predominantly with businesses facilitating his proprietary process, "Brand Navigator." This branding process effectively focuses a company's brand delivering a positioning strategy that can be taken to their marketplace. He also provides one-on-one online and telephone consulting.

His clients are from Canada, The United States, Ukraine, India, United Arab Emirates and Tanzania.

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