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Robert Tallent

Robert Tallent

Bob is a Management Consultant, Mentor and Trainer. He is also an Entrepreneur from 1983 to the present day. Between 1983 and 1995 he ran four businesses with a turnover in excess of £1m. As well as having an Honours Degree in Business Studies, he is also an Industrial Engineer and managed a large department in a multinational with large budgets and responsibilities.

He studied to become a Management Consultant, Mentor and Trainer and setup The Synergy Group in 1995.

He has a huge range of business and management experience in practically every industry.

Call him privately on +353(0)87 232 6927

or email him on

Main land line is +353(1) 821 5189

Website URL:
Monday, 17 November 2014 20:40

10 Rules for Supervising Underachievers

Do you have some underachievers to supervise

RulesRulesDo you have one or two employees whose performance is below standard? If so, here are ten rules for managing their performance.

Friday, 03 October 2014 11:12

Is 60 too young?

14 Stories of people who only made it AFTER they were 60

Youre never too old to DreamYoure never too old to DreamI am 61 years of age.  There I said it.  My birthday was five weeks ago.  Recently, I was talking to my orthopaedic surgeon who is 65 and he has no intention of retiring soon.  He introduced me to a patient who was leaving.  He is 88 and is going to Zambia next week to continue his missionary work.  As part of what I do here in The Synergy Group and DPNlive, I carry out research.  That got me looking at people who really only made it in business after they were 60.


A case where the seven Ps should have been observed.

Skymark Airbus A380Skymark Airbus A380As a small business, have you ever bought something you shouldn’t have.  Something that cost a fortune and you didn’t plan it properly.  If you did, unless you had great cash flow, you wouldn’t survive for too long.

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