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Gintautas Matukaitis

Gintautas Matukaitis

Gintas is a real estate professional with strong planning, analytical and financial management skills primarily related to commercial real estate, development and property management sectors.

He has hands on experience with project planning, investment analysis and decision making techniques with a strong focus on achieving accuracy and efficiency in any projects that he works on.  

He also has experience as an estimator and quantity surveyor.

Gintas is in the final stage of a Masters Degree in Property Management and Investment from Napier University in Edinburgh.

You can contact him on

His LinkedIn profile is here


Price and yield behaviour during
Recovery, Prosperity, Recession and Depression phases.

How to profit from the property marketHow to profit from the property marketWhen it comes to real estate investment, the majority of people blindly rely on property market gossip and anecdotal “professional” opinion on how the market is performing and how that performance is reflected on property price and yields.  I plan to publish this article in two parts:

The first intention is to raise awareness on property market economics with emphasis to supply, demand, price and yield behaviour;

The second focus is on market performance barometers, analysis and their importance within investment decision making.

Thursday, 02 January 2014 20:34

Economic Basics

economics_basicseconomics_basicsFirms produce goods and services on demand for the government, households and other countries to consume. They provide employment, generate income and create demand within the economy. They act as a cornerstone for yearly GDP (Gross Domestic Product) determination. Governments collect taxes on sale of the goods (VAT) and levied taxes to maintain public sector spending and investments.


Real-Estate-riskReal-Estate-riskReal Estate Investments may be seen as an area to avoid for some people whereas for others it may be seen as piece of cake.  In either case, it is a lucrative investment tool but you need to be wise to operate it.

This first article will form a set of articles about areas to scrutinise before you invest.  It will include

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