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Tax Advice

Tax Advice

Tax avoidance is legal whereas tax evasion is most definitely illegal and frowned upon.  Tax avoidance is the legal utilisation of the tax regime to one's own advantage, to reduce the amount of tax that is payable by means that are within the law.

Here's what you can get from The Synergy Group.


Corporation Tax

We will plan strategies to maximise the low 12.5% tax rate and also to enable release of funds from your company.

Income Tax

We will produce annual tax returns in a manner to minimise your tax liability using up to date tax laws. We will also show you how to avail of all possible reliefs and tax credits.

Capital Gains Tax

We will advise on tax efficient ways of holding property.

Capital Acquisitions Tax

We will assist you in minimising any liability to Capital Acquisitions Tax. We will develop a plan in order for you to pass on assets to family members or third party individuals in the best way. This will include using business, agricultural and other relevant reliefs.

Stamp Duty

All written contracts including properties (except for an individual's principal private residence) under Irish Law are liable to stamp duty. We will help with the calculation and give advice on timely purchases to help minimise liabilities.

VAT Advice (Including VAT on Property)

VAT laws are highly complicated and are continuously changing. There are also strict rules regarding reporting and large penalties for non-compliance. However, if you consider VAT implications from the very beginning of your business it is possible to decrease your liabilities in the long run and eliminate penalties.

Retirement planning/pension planning

Planning for retirement is an anxious time. We will listen to your personal objectives and co-ordinate these along with tax planning to fulfil your wishes and at same time minimise current and future tax liabilities. Retirement planning is better done as early as possible. We can help you in relation to pensions, lump sums, property purchases, investments and monies on deposit.

Separation and Divorce

We can help minimise tax liability and give effective and cost efficient advice to help minimise the disruption and huge legal and other fees which can come from a divorce or separation. We will sit down and listen to the concerns of each party and frame our tax advice accordingly.

Call The Synergy Group to get a free overview of your situation and we will advise you on a way forward. Then, if you wish, we will hold your hand to make sure it works.


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