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Office Rental

Secretarial & Business Services Division

 Office Rental

Fees - €90 per desk per 5-day week – Monday to Friday.  See ‘Office Services’ sheet for extra services

Or        €350 per 4 week month – Monday to Friday.           

See ‘Office Services’ sheet for extra services

All based on a minimum 6 months contract.  |  Shorter by arrangement.

All Prices plus VAT.  Hours 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

 Full services and fees here

What you get Included in the price
  1. Desk & Chair
  2. Electricity
  3. Heat
  4. Reception area
  5. Waiting area
  6. Toilets
  7. Cleaning
  8. Repairs
  9. Insurance – building & third party risk.  Your contents & personal risk not insured

Extra Business Services to be paid for

  1. Choose from services on ‘Office Services’ page.
  2. Computer
  3. Computer Network connected to server
  4. Phone system
  5. Telephone answering
  6. Filing cabinet and storage
  7. Safe storage
  8. Fire Cabinet storage


Extra Secretarial Services to be paid for

  1. Phones - lines & call charges
  2. Photocopy - black or colour, up to A3
  3. Printing – laser or inkjet, black or colour
  4. Secretarial services
  5. Stationary supplies
  6. Conference & Meeting room
  7. Tea & Coffee
  8. Internet
  9. Email address
  10. Management & Business Services


We have Real and Virtual Offices.

There is no need to explain real offices, but in short, it means that if you are operating from home, the kids or dog are walking all over your papers, the phone is not answered professionally (if at all), you do not have all office facilities, etc.  You may even have aggravation at home.  In real life, it is not a professional environment for you to work in & produce your best work.  We provide a professional office, pleasant surroundings and full facilities.  A place for you to do your best.

What are Virtual Offices?

Assume you are a landscape gardener working on your own or with a small team.  You cannot always answer your phone, it may be inconvenient or you may be out of line.  It is not as professional as it should be and your clients are not fully happy.  We can give you your own phone number, answered professionally in your own name & transfer calls to your mobile if you want.  We can take your orders or messages.  Your callers will THINK you have an office, a receptionist, telephonist, staff & office, when in real life you have none of them.  You give the PERCEPTION of being bigger than you are.  You can use our meeting room or offices if you want to hold a meeting.  Now that’s real – or is it!!  You now have the opportunity to take in more business & make more money.  Now we all understand what real money is.  You look more professional.

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