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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 22:32

Happy 99th Birthday to Mai Tallent

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99 years of achievement

Mai Tallent on her 99th Birthday with her daughter BenMai Tallent on her 99th Birthday with her daughter Ben

I’d like to wish a really Happy Birthday to my Aunt, Mai Tallent.  Mai is in hospital in Kilkenny and is doing well.  She has had a very full life over the past 99 years.

Mai was born Mai Gorey from Sheestown in County Kilkenny.  She trained as a butter maker, spent two years in Ramsgate and then returned to Bennetsbridge Creamery.  She married, “the Squire” of Sheestown, Jack Tallent, my uncle (my father’s older brother).  Jack was one of 15 kids, a large family by any reckoning.  She received many visitors yesterday and loads of cards and well wishes.

Procrastination is a form of self-torture. But, what lies beneath?

Call every half hourCall every half hourMany years ago, I was an enthusiastic (but poor) canoeist.  At one point I knew every bend in the Liffey and Boyne rivers as we were out practicing most weekends.  On these wide, fairly slow moving rivers, canoeing is relatively safe. But one of the dangers is getting caught in a ‘stopper’, the spot at the bottom of a Weir where the water churns back on itself.  It’s possible for canoeists to get stuck in a stopper, upside down, underwater. When this happens it’s dark and disorientating and can be pretty dangerous.  Thankfully, most canoeists make it out of the turbulence. Some don’t and die.


Monday, 13 April 2015 15:47

What's your personal brand

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What’s your Party Piece? Being insanely good at something is the root of career success

Personal BrandPersonal BrandMy Aunt Moya was a nun, a nursing sister who spent all her life taking care of old folks in a geriatric hospital just outside Paris. Moya was a formidable lady – having done a stint as the Mother Superior at one point.  In her later years she didn’t hold any post of responsibility but continued to work as a nurse well into her 80’s. She had sort of adopted the 10 kids in our family and we were quite close, albeit because of travel restrictions in her community, we only met every couple of years.

Friday, 20 February 2015 12:19

Become the very best version of yourself

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Executive Coaching: Does it Deliver?

Do you believe that your performance could be improved through coaching? Perhaps you’re somewhat skeptical, like the author of a US book called: “You go, girl! That’ll be $300” (Savage, 2006). I’ve been working in this particular space for 15+ years and have come to believe that the very best coaches are in the questions rather than the answers business. Let me demonstrate this by detailing a typical listing of questions.

Friday, 03 October 2014 11:12

Is 60 too young?

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14 Stories of people who only made it AFTER they were 60

Youre never too old to DreamYoure never too old to DreamI am 61 years of age.  There I said it.  My birthday was five weeks ago.  Recently, I was talking to my orthopaedic surgeon who is 65 and he has no intention of retiring soon.  He introduced me to a patient who was leaving.  He is 88 and is going to Zambia next week to continue his missionary work.  As part of what I do here in The Synergy Group and DPNlive, I carry out research.  That got me looking at people who really only made it in business after they were 60.


Heart attack victimHeart attack victimWe sat at an outdoor restaurant, looking out over the Atlantic. A cool breeze tempered the Easter sunshine.  The same breeze that makes Portugal a great (biased opinion) destination for Irish people, avoiding the intensive heat common in some other parts of southern Europe.

Expensive Underwear

superman_shortssuperman_shortsAbout 3 weeks ago we attended a dinner party. The hosts are brilliant cooks – so that’s always something to look forward to.  There was sufficient lubrication – in the form of exotic cocktails – to get the party started. And the people attending know each other well enough to by-pass the small talk which typifies (‘dullifies’?) business networking events.

Thursday, 14 November 2013 20:13

When In Doubt, Risk It

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A blind man had been waiting a while at a busy road for someone to offer to guide him across, when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Excuse me," said the tapper, "I'm blind - would you mind guiding me across the road?"

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 19:31

Want to be helpful? Then don’t give feedback!

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Brutal Honesty – only sometimes helpful

brutal honestybrutal honestyOn Friday night, Linda and I went to the local.  I play there occasionally with the band – No Strings Attached – sowe know the pub well. The owners, always trying to generate business, had bought a piano and advertised a new music slot. I fancied a pint and the opportunity to check out the opposition. A 2 for 1 deal.

Mastering the Art of Healthy Business Relationships. 

Relational-IQRelational-IQLet’s face it, business relationships can be tough and some even adversely impact careers and the bottom line. Although relationships are a fundamental aspect of the human experience, our dealings with co-workers and superiors as well as clients and customers are often riddled with strife and consternation. Difficult workplace relationships are far more than a nuisance, as they can cause anxiety, burnout, clinical depression and even physical illness. What’s more, highly toxic workplace affiliations can undermine your professional success and threaten your livelihood at large.

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