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Don’t fool yourself by saying this.

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SalesSalesAs part of telephone sales training, we have come across some disastrous phone endings.

  •  “Well, keep us in mind, OK?”
  • “Here’s my number in case you need anything...”

Have you ever used these?

Really now, what do you think prospects are doing when we say these things?

Hint: They are not scrambling for a pen.

When I’m the prospect, I really do feel quite guilty - OK, maybe only slightly...all right, not the least bit of remorse - when I respond with an “OK, I will keep you in mind.”

These phrases make liars out of prospects.

Face it. They have no intention of “keeping us in mind,” let alone writing down our number.

These phrases don’t accomplish anything positive, and give no reason for the listener to ever want to consider “keeping you in mind” or calling you.

But you can and should salvage something from these calls.

Here’s what you should do and say instead.

1. Determine if There Ever Would Be Potential

A money and time-wasting mistake is hanging on to prospects when there is no shred of evidence that the person is a prospect.

Maybe you have experienced it: these “prospects” are recycled through your CRM.

You scan the notes, get that aching pang in your stomach recalling your last dead-end call. And since there’s nothing leading you to believe they’re any better of a prospect today... you page through to the next prospect, postponing the inevitable.

Or you call and experience either rejection or another put-off.

Another error is letting them go when, indeed, there might be some potential.

What to do instead?

Find out for sure. Ask,

“Ben, under what circumstances would you ever see yourself considering another source?”

Notice the wording here. It’s an OPEN question that not only asks if they ever would use someone else, but it also asks for the circumstances that would surround it.   You are inviting a comment.

For example, I’ve heard prospects respond,

“Well, I suppose if I ever got into an emergency situation where they weren’t able to deliver, I’d have to look elsewhere.”

Then you have an opportunity to pick up on that remark and continue questioning.

On the other hand, if they say,

“Look, you’re wasting your time. Quit calling me,” write them off and move on.

And feel good about it, since you obtained a decision.

When you continue to recycle contacts who will never buy from you, that's “rescheduling the next brushoff."

Your irreplaceable commodity is time. Protect it with all you have, since you'll never get it back.

2. Proactively Give Them Something to Think About

To reiterate, “Keep us is mind,” is a worthless phrase.

If you truly want someone to keep you in mind, give them a reason. And tie it into a problem they might experience—a problem you could solve.

That might prompt them to not only think of you, but better yet, to call you.

Let’s say a sales rep knows she can help a company lower their property taxes, but they either don’t see the need at this point, or don’t believe her. She might end the call with,

 “I still feel we can help you. Here’s something to consider: when you review your property tax breakdown, take a look at the specific valuation and charges for your manufacturing properties. If you feel those taxes are high and question them, keep in mind we are specialists on the tax laws in Ireland and Europe, and know the best way to challenge, and eventually lower the bill. I’ll send you an email with my contact info in it, so keep it in your tax file, and give me a call then if you feel it would help.”

Don’t make liars out of people. The process is simple:

Determine if there ever will be potential. If not, move them out of your system and look at that as a victory.

If there is, give them examples of situations to look for, and associate them with the problem you can solve.

When they do experience these problems, you’ll have a greater chance of them thinking of you.

Now, continue making this your best week ever!

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Robert Tallent

Bob is a Management Consultant, Mentor and Trainer. He is also an Entrepreneur from 1983 to the present day. Between 1983 and 1995 he ran four businesses with a turnover in excess of £1m. As well as having an Honours Degree in Business Studies, he is also an Industrial Engineer and managed a large department in a multinational with large budgets and responsibilities.

He studied to become a Management Consultant, Mentor and Trainer and setup The Synergy Group in 1995.

He has a huge range of business and management experience in practically every industry.

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