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Star Brands by Carolina Rogoll

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A Great Branding Read in Star Brands.

Star Brands by Carolina RogollStar Brands by Carolina RogollI’m approached almost weekly to review books on branding and sales. Most don’t match my core values but Star Brands intrigued me. I told Carolina that it would take me a few weeks to read it and then I would review it.

I read it within a few days mainly because Carolina and I are singing from the same song sheet. For anyone who follows my opinion, they will also agree with her perspective on branding and how to take advantage of it and push it out there. It’s written without too much jargon and can be easily understood by any entrepreneur who wants a clearer understanding of why they should embrace their brand. It is indeed a guide to better brand practices.

My only criticism is her use of global brands as examples. Most books on branding use these mega-brands examples. My beef is that while the target audience of Carolina’s book may be small to medium size businesses, it’s hard to relate to examples who have global exposure and mega-million dollar marketing budgets. Brands you’ve never heard of don’t have those kinds of budgets to harness brand awareness.

That being said it doesn’t diminish the value this book provides. I’d give 4 out of 5 Stars for “Star Brands.”


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Ed Roach

For more than 25 years, Ed Roach has worked with hundreds of successful small businesses by helping them develop unique brand positioning strategies that differentiates them from their competition. Ed appreciates working with companies who see the value of going beyond mere slogans and have a desire to sell from compelling positions. Ed consults predominantly with businesses facilitating his proprietary process, "Brand Navigator." This branding process effectively focuses a company's brand delivering a positioning strategy that can be taken to their marketplace. He also provides one-on-one online and telephone consulting.

His clients are from Canada, The United States, Ukraine, India, United Arab Emirates and Tanzania.

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