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World Class Business

WCBWorld Class Business used to be called World Class Manufacturing. 

After WW II, The Japanese were considered to be the best in the world at manufacturing. They could make it cheaper, faster and better.  In fact, back in those days, if it was made in Japan, its quality was suspect.  The real truth was that the quality was exactly as it was specified.  Japan then was similar to how we look at Chinese manufacturing today.  But there was a difference. The Japanese had a culture and the western world didn’t understand it.

So the Americans studied the Japanese way of doing things.  They discovered that a worker worked for a company for life, that they had strict quality controls, had strict cost controls, always looked for better ways of doing things. And that was just to start with.

They brought what they had discovered back to America and called it World Class Manufacturing.  It was as if the Americans had designed the process.  What they had really done was to try to copy the Japanese ways.

You may have heard of Total Quality Control, Just in Time, Kaizen, Quality Circles, Lean Production, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, KPI, plus many more.

When it was introduced to the world, it was assumed that a company of less than 400 employees couldn’t install it due to the high cost of implementation.  But gradually over the years, parts of it have been designed and implemented in smaller companies.

You have heard of benchmarking!  Not the benchmarking that Bertie Aherne introduced into the civil service pay scales in Ireland.  Benchmarking initially consists of you deciding what you want to improve in your company – not just manufacturing.  You examine the best in the world at various parts of it and copy them into your company.  Regardless whether you like him or not, look what Michael O’Leary has done in Ryanair.  Look at how he copied the Southwest Airlines ideas that he wanted.

All these issues and a thousand more will be covered on our World Class Business Training Courses.

Our courses vary in length from a day long to several weeks.  They can be off the shelf or bespoke designed especially for your company or agency.

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